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Is your land being taken unjustly so Colonial Pipeline can make a profit? Is the pipeline crossing near your neighborhood? Do you wish to keep diesel fuel out of our local streams and rivers?  This is your site if you answered yes to any of these statements.

Welcome, and join us who wish to stand together against this pipeline.

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Note: If you register with Paypal when making your donation, be sure to use the email address ( to answer the question "who referred you".
An additional 5 dollars will be paid to our cause when you do.

Latest News

8/10/01   Start up of this site and our ezboard Community forum.

8/05/01   Acquired verbal agreement with two attorneys Frank Fly (in TN) and Bart Slawson (in AL) to represent our group along the 225 mile pipeline stretch between Nashville Tennessee and Talladega Alabama. We need your donation so we may begin to employ their services.

8/03/01   General Sullivan from Redstone Arsenal recommends that Colonial Pipeline move proposed route to another location within the Arsenal.

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Proposed Route for the 20" diameter Petroleum Pipeline
Affecting 225 miles of landowners over 14 Counties.
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Our Community Forum

If you want to join our community forum, click on the link below. This is where we stay informed about day to day events with each other concerning a number of issues. If you have something to add, a request, or just want your voice heard just send us a message.

It is important to register yourself in our community forum if you wish to join our effort. Under "location" please enter your COUNTY. Also, check boxes to make all information available.

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A Typical River Oil Spill
Is it worth this to have a pipeline in your community?
What are the advantages?